Architectural Wood Solutions for Commercial & Residential Interiors

Yoder Lumber’s Architectural Wood Solutions (AWS) division specializes in meeting the precision-machined lumber requirements of architectural millwork providers that supply fine homebuilding, commercial facility interiors, wood product producers, and contract manufacturers.We are proud to provide fine Appalachian hardwoods for many well-known restaurants, retail stores,custom homes, and commercial interiors. Our products range from architectural wood mouldings and trims to various custom wood panel products.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Lumber

AWS offers a complete range of services, from carefully selecting lumber to meet your exact requirements to precision machining, finishing, packaging, and delivery.

We have expertise in providing a wide array of machined lumber options:

  • S2S specified thickness

  • Sanding (1 or 2) sides

  • Straight line rip (1) edge

  • Gang rip to specified width (2) edges

  • Cross cut/Precision end trimming

  • Resawing

  • Profile moulding/S4S

Custom Profile Mouldings

AWS manufactures a wide variety of architectural wood mouldings and trims. Drawings of existing profiles can be found on our website.

We have extensive experience in creating custom profile mouldings. Simply provide us with a CAD drawing or a sample of the profile so we can create a CAD drawing. The CAD drawing is used to drive a CNC template maker; within minutes, it’s off to the grinding room for knife-making. Our “all-in-house” process is geared for precision, accuracy, and swift turnaround.

Surfaced 4 Side Lumber (S4S)

AWS has stock inventory of poplar and red oak S4S lumber. Stock widths of 1-1/2”, 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, 5-1/2”, 7-1/4”, 9-1/4”, & 11-1/4” are maintained in lengths from 8’ to 16’.

Stock S4S product is produced to a consistent, high standard and is distinguished by the “YL” end stamp. Board stock is end trimmed, free of end splits, wane, and is clear minimum (1) face and (2) edges. Custom S4S orders can be placed by specifying species, thickness, width, and length and can be offered in sanding (1 or 2) faces.

Components and Panel Products

AWS has in-depth expertise in producing laminated or face-glued components and edge-glued panels. Components such as table legs and posts are achieved by face-gluing laminations of lumber to achieve the desired thickness.

Panels are produced by gluing a number of narrow staves to achieve the desired panel width. Orders can be placed in most of the species found in our kiln dried lumber inventory and are specified by thickness, width, length, and are sanded (2) faces.

Additional specifications relating to color, grain, allowable defect and/or character requirements must also be communicated. Secondary machining, CNC machining and precision sizing can also be provided.


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