Responsible Forest Management and Business Practices

Yoder Lumber has been deeply committed to responsible business practices and promoting wood as a renewable resource since our company’s founding more than 70 years ago. We believe in the conservation of our forestry sources and working with landowners to achieve those goals.

Wood is a renewable material that provides beauty, strength, machinability, and durability at low cost. Yoder Lumber is certified as a Master Logging Company according to the standards set by the Ohio Forestry Association (OFA). We use responsible forestry practices and proper timber harvesting techniques to maintain the integrity of forests and positively affect the growth of a forest ecosystem.

Using the Best Management Practices of Timber Harvesting

Our team of professional foresters use advanced silvaculture which is the art and science of forest management. This encourages forest growth above and beyond what would have been possible pre-harvest.

Our forestry management professionals work closely with landowners to plan harvesting that avoids property damage and protects timber as a precious natural resource for future generations. Our loggers use advanced equipment and techniques to minimize any residual damage from logging, including directional felling. All timber harvests have a bulldozer on site for reclamation and skidding in sensitive or wet areas.

Eliminating Landfills by Using 100% of Wood Byproducts

Our facilities do not landfill any production byproducts and we use every part of the log in the manufacturing process:

  • Sawdust is used in our boilers as fuel to heat the kilns and our buildings, dramatically reducing our energy demands for oil and gas;

  • Bark is ground up and sold as bark mulch;

  • Wood chips are sold to paper mills for paper production.

Supporting Local Landowners and the Economy

Our wood products are largely locally sourced and provide a significant positive economic impact in central Ohio.


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