Top-Quality Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Products

Yoder Lumber’s sawmills and kilns can manufacture a wide array of lumber and other wood products from Appalachian hardwoods and other species to serve almost any need. We offer kiln dried wood products as well.

Products we produce include:

  • Green and kiln dried Appalachian hardwood lumber

  • 4/4 to 16/4 lumber in red oak, poplar, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, ash, beech, grey elm, and red elm in 2 Common & Better grades or 1 Common & Better

  • Quarter and Rift sawn lumber for furniture and flooring in thicknesses from 4/4 – 8/4 in species of white oak, red oak, ash, poplar and walnut

  • Industrial wood products (sawdust, chips, and bark mulch)

  • Construction-grade barn beams


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